February 2018 Update – What’s New ?

This is the latest Kronometrix data analytics platform news bulletin, including most important changes about our product and services. The February 2018 release, version 1.6.4 of Kronometrix includes several new features and security updates:

  • Smart alarms
  • Industrial and IoT data recording improvement
  • Analytics platform new observability tools
  • Security update

Here you can check a short description of the most important product features.

Smart alarms

Reduce the number of repetitve alarms by using a simple and efficient mechanism using the frequency and duration of the event alarms. Be productive and stay uptodate to whatever matters most.

Threshold is a numerical value that defines a logical condition. When the condition is true, events are accrued toward triggering an alarm, as specified by the Duration and Frequency parameters.
Frequency is the rate at which events need to occur in order for an alarm to be issued.

Duration is the time during which a set of contiguous data samples must meet the threshold condition to qualify as a single count toward an alarm event

Industrial IoT

Kronometrix Data Recording has been updated to support MODBUS ASCII protocol.

This makes our data recording module very efficient and flexible to collect data from various sensors and devices, supporting entire MODBUS protocols:

  • RTU
  • TCP

Currently Kronometrix supports several devices for environmental monitoring, meteorology and data center facitlity monitoring.

De facto standard for multi-vendor integration, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial environment

For more information please check our latest product datasheet or contact us.