Kronometrix UpdateKronometrix Nov 2017 update – What’s New ?

Thank you for using Kronometrix. A new update of Kronometrix has been released during November 2017, including lots of new features and improvements:

  • Improved data visualization, faster charts
  • Predictive chart trend lines and summary statistics functions
  • Exploratory raw data analysis calendar, drill down any time
  • Built-in service availability reporting at data source and device level
  • Security updates

Get started  1-2-3

Kronometrix is a multi-user and multi-subscription data analytics platform, supporting different types of data subscriptions. To see and understand your data start by creating your subscription.

Kronometrix subscriptions1) Create a new data subscription(s)

First register to and login.  Then create a new data subscription(s). Upto 3 are free!

data provisioning2) Install data recording package

Download and install your data recording package.

View Streaming Data3) Monitor your streaming server data!

Configure and start the recording to see data of your servers or other sources.

Start Monitoring Your Servers (3 subscriptions are free).