Kronometrix has been designed to measure the performance and availability of computing infrastructure, from operating system, networks to applications and services. Easy to be deployed in a data-center or at a public cloud provider, Kronometrix is a very simple and time saving solution to monitor your ICT infrastructure.

Server Performance

Measuring computer system’s performance is essential for how well your ICT infrastructure works on public or private installations, example the following metrics:

  • CPU, memory, storage, network: utilization, throughput
  • system run-queue
  • system availability and errors
  • system inventory: number of disks, network cards

Web Stack Performance

If you are a software developer or a DevOps and build or maintain J2EE or PHP applications, you would love the big picture from the application to the operating system itself. From inside your network, Kronometrix Web Stack performance data subscription can hold and analyse LAMP, J2EE, WAMP stacks directly from your application down to the operating system, keeping track of:

  • web application response time and availability
  • HTTP Server: utilization, throughput and errors
  • middleware server: utilization, throughput and errors
  • database server: utilization, throughput and errors
  • operating system: utilization, throughput and errors

End-User Performance

How are your web and enterprise services performing from outside your network, in terms of response time and availability ? Do you know what is slow and what is fast ? Do you know your availability from different geo-location in Europe, Asia or the Americas ? Keep track of your web sites, and services like: POP3, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, DNS, SSH2, HTTP, HTTPS, AD along with your security certificates, without worrying that they will expire before you know:

  • web sites response time, availability and errors
  • enterprise services performance and availability
  • X.509 certificates availability and expiration time
  • top view across web sites, including fastest, slowest

Data-Center Performance

For large and dense installations, like data-center Kronometrix, can reduce costs in operations using a smart and simple way to collect, analyse and report:

  • operating system utilisation, availability and errors
  • enterprise services performance and availability
  • X.509 certificates availability and expiration time
  • network equipment utilisation and availability
  • facility environmental condition

Kronometrix can keep track of your data-center’s servers and services availability, at the data source (operating system) or device level (cpu, disk, network card). For planned maintenances there is built-in support for Requiring no maintenance, easy access to raw data, simple applications built using standard HTML5 and Javascript, makes Kronometrix the best monitoring tool for Information Communications and Technology