SDR Dynamics Fired Up From Tekes Support

Tekes Supporting Kronometrix for Further Development

Kronometrix just got better.  With support from Tekes -the Finnish funding agency for innovation – we are taking our product to the next level!  

This financial support will help our team improve our product for all of our clients, including data centers, hosting providers, ISVs and end users.  

Here are a few of the exciting things to come:

  • Better and smarter REST API dashboards, enabling our clients and their IT teams to build applications directly on top of Kronometrix.
  • More flexibility by enabling users to send data to 3rd party applications, using non proprietary and open system technologies: D3, HTML5, JS and Lua.
  • Simpler monitoring solutions for data centers by creating a holistic view of computing infrastructures (both hardware and software), lowering their costs significantly.
  • Improving our overall solution for data centers to help them save energy, be more efficient and attract more customers (No more fire fighting).
  • Easing ISVs web application monitoring, helping them avoid outages, improving responsiveness, and keeping a close watch on all dependencies – HTTP and DB application servers and operating systems.

Our API developers are always looking forward. Our team loves to craft new applications and build beautiful dashboards. We never stop growing and expanding our tools to help our customers improve their processes, while saving them time and money.

Kronometrix is built to solve problems from making computer systems work more efficient to providing cleaner and energy efficient environments.  We help our clients measure, see new things and find solutions to current problems.

Keep an eye out for these exciting improvements coming your way!

Come and join us: