Winterbackwoods Oy Investments in SDR Dynamics

Winterbackwoods Oy does a seed investment to SDR Dynamics on November 17, 2015, Espoo, Finland.

Kronometrix, the makers of SDR Dynamics, is an advanced cloud based server analytics platform with open source components. This advanced technology utilizes a modern remote agent to record server data. It is a true monitoring and analytics software solution for ISPs and Enterprises, offering market changing tools for server administrators, service developers and business management teams.

Kronometrix is an easy-to-use, real-time analytics solution designed for time series data. This software solution offers consistent data recording across several varying operating systems, instant access to raw data, ready-made monitoring objects for various industries and applications, and in-cache memory analysis.

Tapio Talvisalo, CEO and Founder of Winterbackwoods Oy, has been working with cloud vendors and hosting providers since the late 1990s. While serving as CEO in multiple companies, Tapio has witnessed numerous challenges as it relates to implementing accountability systems for operational areas of business.”There is currently no ideal solution that provides business managers with a system that efficiently and effectively monitors their hardware and application systems. The beauty of Kronometrix is how the dashboard was built and tailored from the beginning to support not only business leaders, but their entire team with ease. The same data is available for all the stakeholders regardless of the role you represent. Kronometrix will be the next big thing in IT analytics while other old fashion binaries are fading away!” Tapio Talvisalo summarizes.

“With the increase in demand for this platform, this seed investment enables us to elevate and expedite the develop of Kronometrix for our customers and future customers. When talking about analytics and business optimizations, we have seen many investor candidates knocking on our door. We choose Winterbackwoods due to its robust experience in the field and shared customer base.” says Tommi Aropalo, Co-founder of SDR Dynamics.

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