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Rent or buy a complete Indoor Air Quality solution to analyse the air quality at your home or workplace. For home owners, building managers, real estate professionals.

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Get to know your air

Indoor air pollution presents a major hazard, directly affecting everyone’s health: children, the elderly, office workers. To combat this you need to know the indoor air quality in and around your home or your business to reduce the allergens and pollutants.

Smart Living

Maintaining good health and well-being and reduce your energy costs. Continuous measurement is essential to check how well the heating, ventilation and AC systems are performing. Unnecessary ventilation can waste energy and cost money.

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Impacts on your health


People spend most of their time indoors while being completely unaware of the quality of the air they are breathing. “90% of the air we breath in a lifetime will be inhaled from inside a building” Dr.Julie Riggs IAQUK Association

Many factors can degrade the quality of the indoor air. Biological: viruses, bacteria, pollen, moulds. Chemical: adhesives, paints, cleaners. Particulates: dust, fireside smoke.  Continuous measurements are needed to ensure indoor air quality.

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Indoor air pollution is important, affecting everyone’s health, from children to the elderly. To combat this problem you need to know the air quality in and around your home or office environment and measure it. If you don’t measure it, you won’t know it.

Good health and well being

A number of factors can reduce exposure to air pollutants: correct ventilation level, room cleaning, proper building construction and continuous measurement of the indoor air quality. This way you can keep and maintain a healthy life.

Eliminate bad materials

There are over 70.000 chemical products, very few tested against the air quality. These new chemicals are found everywhere, from construction materials to your furniture. Analysing the air quality helps in tracking and removing such bad materials.

Reduce energy and maintenance costs

Continuous air quality measurement is essential in understanding how well the heating, ventilation and air conditioning  systems are performing inside the building. Unnecessary ventilation, can waste energy and cost money.

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