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Connects to a wide variety of data sources, from IoT, weather and environment to ICT enterprise, offering high-speed transport for data consolidation, analysis and visualization in real-time.


Data Computing

Data Centric

Any user-interface will soon become obsolete. Kronometrix is designed to capture, consolidate and integrate different raw data, across many industries from ICT, industrial IoT to weather and environment, supporting different clouds: Amazon, Azure or Google. The data is primary, the user-interface secondary.

Best Data

Using different data recorders we can collect the most important performance and availability metrics from applications, systems or devices, easy to configure and apply several data filters to discard bad or not essential data, for an efficient data analysis and visualization process.

Concurrent Processing

Kronometrix can work with various data from industrial IoT, ICT, to weather and environment. Tightly coupled to multi processors, integrated to storage and network resources and combined with a high memory address space, Kronometrix can solve different computing problems.

Scalable Design

Simple and efficient to run on a public cloud provider, private internal network, data-centre or closer to sensors and devices for edge or fog computing computing. It shares the same scalable architecture no matter of the deployment using a very efficient software stack for different computer systems.

Smart Alarms

To reduces the number of repetitive alarms, Kronometrix is using an efficient mechanism based on the frequency and duration of the event alarms. Such way the data fabric will keep to minimum the number of false alarms, at the same time being productive to stay up to date to whatever matters most.

Real-time applications

All data visualization and dashboards are developed as HTML5, Javascript, responsive based applications, for quickly changing content to stream continuously big volume of data using WebSocket protocol. By default there are a number of built-in applications, specific to different industries.


High performance

Outsmart competition


Secure, high-speed transport for data consolidation, analysis and visualization in real-time from different sources of data, using several data protocols, like HTTPS or MQTT.

Data Cortex

How users collaborate and work together on the platform, including details about their privileges, roles and rights. This is a short summary of the user role based access control system.

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Join and Collaborate

Kronometrix is a multi-user, subscription based software easy to invite anyone to your data. Supports various data subscriptions from Information Technology to weather and environment or your own custom industry and applications.

Based on Recorders

An automatic, simple to use, data collection package with a low memory and system footprint, supporting raw data. Contains a number of data recorders available for industrial IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment.

Immediate Ready for Work

From the operating system, in-memory database to the web framework it has all components integrated, tested and ready for work. Available as a bootable image for physical or virtual computer systems, includes the  source code.

Data Streaming

Kronometrix is not yet another SNMP network monitoring software, built on top of future web protocols, like WebSocket, HTTP/2, such way the platform can receive in real-time data from web clients or industrial equipment using MQTT or DDS.

Chart Analysis

Simple to see and analyse your data using the chart summary statistics, like: Mean, Max, Min, Standard Deviation, 1, 2 or 3-sigma, Percentile or estimate a linear, exponential, logarithmic or different polynomial data trend for your time series.

Alarm Thresholds

Users can have their own, private set of alarm thresholds, based on frequency and duration of the events. The thresholds can be exported or imported as a standard JSON files to allow users to migrate or easy collaborate.

Dark Mode

Easy to be used from ICT operation management to aviation meteorology and industrial IoT operator on various screen and display sizes, on low light or night conditions, to be easy on your eyes and to help you focus on your duties.

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Get answers from the makers of Kronometrix. No extra tiers, no delays, no bureaucracies. We are building and supporting our own products and services offering you the best support model for your business.

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