An easy-to-use, real-time data analytics platform designed for Edge Computing, closer to sensors and devices. For industrial IoT, ISVs, weather and environment solution providers.

Main Features

Up to 500 data-sources
Designed for Industrial IoT
Runs on ARM single-board computers
Lower latency and reduced transmission costs

Industrial IoT

From low power consumption to high performance using a simplified and reduced set of instructions the ARM architecture is the most suitable for robotics, home and industrial automation, medical or automotive, supporting Kronometrix.

Edge Computing

Running as close as possible to different industrial equipment, sensors and devices means lower latency and reduced transmission costs, K50 is being more efficient and secure, at the location where it is needed.

Smart design and architecture
Easy to deploy


Built on top of open-source technologies, like Lua, OpenResty and Redis, K50 is aimed to edge computing. Built with performance, stability and versatility in mind, it can be used for a multitude of needs, like air quality, weather or industrial measurements.

Simple to embed to other projects and products, K50 is designed to run as close as possible to different hardware equipment, ideal for solution providers and operators in the field of weather, environment, automotive, or industrial IoT.

Small factor design
for edge analytics

Rich Connectivity

Easy to process, analyse and visualise data from many devices on the network, using different communication protocols like Serial, MODBUS RTU/TCP/ASCII, MQTT, HTTP or WebSocket K50 is immediate ready for work.

Smart design

From data-centre to edge computing, Kronometrix is sharing the same architecture which offers all necessary modules to work together: a 64bit UNIX based operating system, a powerful and scalable web application server and in-memory database.

Amazing Performance

Running as small as possible, on single-board computers, K50 can measure and analyse hundreds of data sources from weather to environment or industrial IoT.

Cost Effective

It is affordable and simple to get started without complicating licensing models, royalties or rights to use. The price is set depending on the volume of data-sources being analysed.

Kronometrix K50 – available as a Software Image or MicroSDXC, compatible with Raspberry PI 3B+ single-board computers for IoT, ICT, Weather and Environment.

359,00 € /month – Kronometrix K50 Edge Analytics Software Image 64GB. Includes: software image, 25 data-sources license, standard 8×5 support, annual commitment. The price is exclusive of value added tax.

DS – The term Data Source (“DS”, “ds”, “data-source”) means any system connected to a public or private network with a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address like a database server, a data logger, a graphic workstation, or a sensor bound to a single Kronometrix data subscription.

Monthly Commitment – the period of time you plan to use the product, minimum 3 months or as agreed. You can cancel anytime, but you need to pay at least 3 months or as defined in the license agreement. Includes standard 8×5 support and software updates. Billed every month. Annual Commitment – the period of time you plan to use the product, minimum 1 year. You can cancel anytime, but you need to pay at least 1 year. Includes standard 8×5 support and software updates. Billed every month or one time per year. Perpetual – No commitment, customer can use the product indefinitely. Includes 1 year standard 8×5 support and software updates. Billed one time.

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