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Measure and analyse the performance, availability, security and inventory of the ICT infrastructure, from physical & virtual machines, storage and network systems to facility environmental monitoring.

We measure and analyse

Physical and Virtual ICT Infrastructure
ICT Enterprise Services
Facility Environment Air quality
Weather Conditions

ICT Infrastructure

Kronometrix is used to keep track of the performance and availability of the ICT infrastructure inside the network. Using Kronometrix Data Recording, we collect various metrics from operating systems, web applications and services and transport the results to Kronometrix SaaS for analysis and alarms.

Data-Centre Facility

Using the same platform analytics we can measure weather and environment data, like facility air quality and outdoor weather conditions. No need to have yet another monitoring system. Further, we plan to extend and measure all our facility equipment from HVAC, UPS to electricity generators using Kronometrix.

Finlayson Area
Data-Centre and Internet services


Different teams can join, collaborate and improve things using Kronometrix data subscriptions. Smart Alarms are used to notify only for the events which matter and require immediate attention from the administrative personnel.

K500 is designed for data providers, data-centre, co-location or internet service providers capable to handle continuous data from thousands of devices and systems. The platform is easy to install and deploy inside private network, ready for work.

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Easy to analyse all ICT infrastructure from a single dashboard, with possibility to drill-down to get even more details and insight along with weather and environmental data.

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