For ICT, Industrial IoT, Weather & Environment

A data analytics platform designed for multi-industry, built entirely on open systems and standards, bringing the most innovative ways to gather, analyse and visualize your data.

One platform,

adjusts to your creativity

Industrial IoT

Can work with different data, in real-time, from industrial equipment, to autonomous vehicles and shipping, unmanned aerial, ground and underwater drones.

Smart Design

Built on top of future web protocols, like WebSocket and HTTP/2, it can receive data from different systems, sensors and devices using HTTP, MQTT or DDS data protocols.


Kronometrix analytics platform and applications are built in close cooperation with various experts from different field of industries, focusing on deep domain expertise and data visualization.

Knowledge Base

It has all necessarily things, built and ready to be used, from metrics, data filters to summary statistics and end-user reports, carefully crafted by our team.


Continuous digital

measurements for

We are highly
focused on your goals.

ICT Providers and Developers

Measure and analyse the performance, availability and security of ICT infrastructure, systems and applications, developing a data strategy for your organisation to defend and continuously improve your business.

Weather & Environment Agencies

In our complex and rapidly changing modern society, we need to know the weather conditions, the level of air pollution and decide what is acceptable to us. Kronometrix helps to understand, set the correct expectations and and act accordingly.

Automotive & Marine

Telemetry data for autonomous vehicles and ships to manage and analyse their performance and operational availability. Human-machine collaboration set to drive future technologies and key performance indicators for unmanned systems.

IoT Operators

Network operators to analyse their IoT sensor base installations, from asset management, location and security to electric energy consumption, weather and air quality, in terms of performance, availability and inventory.

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