Louhi Networks

Measure and analyse the performance, availability and security of the ICT infrastructure, from physical and virtual machines to WordPress and Internet enterprise services.

We measure
and analyze

Physical and Virtual Computing Infrastructure
Internet Services IMAP POP3 SMTP HTTP
End-User Performance Services
Security X.509 Certificates

Inside the network

Kronometrix is used to keep track of the performance and availability of the ICT infrastructure inside the network. Using Kronometrix Data Recording, we collect various metrics from operating systems, web applications and services and transport the results to Kronometrix SaaS for analysis and alarms.

End-User Impact

It is highly important to Louhi to understand how well all ICT services are functioning for own clients to avoid future disruptions and outages. For that Kronometrix is used to measure, outside Louhi network, the performance, availability and security of Internet services from various geo locations.

“We rely on Kronometrix CloudView service to analyze in real-time the availability and performance of our ICT infrastructure, same time manage all our 24×7 production services – MIKAEL KAARIAINEN, COO”

Computer systems, network,
storage and Internet services


Data is offered and available as a subscription based service, where users can join, collaborate and improve things. Smart Alarms are used to notify only for the events which matter and require immediate attention from the administrative personnel.

Louhi uses CloudView managed service, an enterprise cloud monitoring service for IaaS, PaaS, or OS computing infrastructure including support and incident management. This is a very easy setup to manage all ICT infrastructure and minimise costs.

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Performance Management

Easy to analyse all ICT infrastructure from a single dashboard, with possibility to drill-down to get even more details and insight.

Operational Availability

Keep track of the system and service availability reporting the uptime, downtime, or planned maintenance events over different periods of time.

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