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Indoor air pollution presents a major hazard, directly affecting everyone’s health. To combat this you need to know the indoor air quality in and around your home or office environment.

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Air Temperature

The temperature of the air surrounding the body, usually given in degrees Celsius. WHO recommends a temperature up to 24C for a comfortable environment.


Relative Humidity

The amount of water vapour in the air. Air can absorb water and the amount depends on the temperature, with best comfort conditions between 40 and 60%.


Dew point

The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapour. A higher dew point means there is more moisture in the air.


Carbon Dioxide

An atmospheric gas often used as an indicator of the accepted level of air quality indoors. Typical from 380-2500ppm, can increase in poorly ventilated spaces.


Volatile organic compounds

A variety of chemical compounds that vaporise under normal conditions entering indoor air. These chemicals are found from construction materials to your furniture.



Small solid or liquid particles carried by air which can be breathed in by people. They pose the greatest threat to human health, travelling the deepest into the lungs.



A radioactive gas, containing alpha particles, dangerous when inhaled, affecting living tissue and causing different diseases and lung cancer.


Air Pressure

A good home air flow, means to hve a small positive air pressure, relative to the outdoors, limiting the entrance outdoor moisture to avoid mold formation in a building.



Kronometrix data visualization dashboards are developed as rich user-interface based applications, for different industries. These are the default, built-in applications for Indoor Air Quality data subscriptions.


Reports the status of all data sources (your flat or house) data-feed. A data-source can be ONLINE (sending data), DEGRADED (partial sending data) or OFFLINE.

Building Data Availability

Reports the operational availability for one or many buildings, within the indoor air quality subscription. Supports planned maintenance breaks.

Indoor Air Quality

Summarizes data from all rooms, reporting the general condition for the building regarding: temperature, humidity, TVOC, particulates and carbon dioxide.

Indoor Air Quality – Room Condition

Reports per room air quality conditions, including all major parameters. Supports chart analysis and drill down reporting.

Device Availability

Reports per room operational availability, including how long the sensor was ONLINE, collecting and delivering data.

Raw Data

Offers access to the original raw data collected, as CSV universal text file format, without any modifications, over long periods of time. Kronometrix will automatically compress all raw data files, to efficient use the storage system for longer periods of time.

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