Scalable Design

From data-centers to the edge of the network

Simple and efficient to run on cloud providers and data-centers, or closer to sensors and devices for edge & fog computing.


Software Stack

Application Design

Based on its modular design Kronometrix can scale vertically or horizontally to maximize performance and availability. From authentication to summary statistics and aggregates, the modules can run on single or multi-node configurations, for virtual or physical system configurations.

Web Framework

Kronometrix runs on top of the scalable OpenResty web framework, which combines the power of NGINX HTTP server and Lua programming language. OpenResty is a very powerful development framework for highly scalable web applications, available for several computer system architectures.

Based on Lua

Using Lua, the most powerful embeddable scripting language, Kronometrix is able to efficiently run on different computer architectures from Intel/AMD x64 to ARM, minimize downtime, and avoid runtime errors and undefined behavior conditions during the operation.

NoSQL Data Store

All time series, data messages, realtime summary statistics and aggregated data structures are stored inside Redis, a very robust and scalable NoSQL database. This allows Kronometrix to have a small memory footprint, and be able to process large amounts of data very quickly.


SaaS. Cloud. On-premise.

Public or Private Clouds

Kronometrix can run on different public cloud providers, like Amazon, Google, Azure or on-premises, inside your network on your virtualization platform, supporting different systems like: Xen, KVM, HyperV, VMware or Bhyve Intel or ARM 64bit.

Edge & Fog Computing

Running as close as possible to different industrial equipment, sensors and devices means lower latency and reduced transmission costs, Kronometrix is being more efficient and secure, at the location where it is needed.


For large installations, from media, data and IoT providers, Kronometrix can run inside data-centers, close to different networks, collecting and analyzing data from ICT systems, applications and services or building facility infrastructure.

ARM64 Computing

From low power consumption to high performance using a simplified and reduced set of instructions the ARM architecture is the most suitable for robotics, home and industrial automation, medical or automotive, supporting Kronometrix.

Energy Efficient

To process more data, Kronometrix can run on separate computing nodes or physical systems. These nodes can add more vertical processing power and use horizontal scalability features, to maximize performance and stay energy efficient.

Immediate Ready for work

From the application, web framework and NoSQL data store, to the operating system, Kronometrix has all system components integrated and tested to collect, consolidate and analyze data from different industries.

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