Simple & powerful pricing model – no matter of your provider, data usage or business case.

Start with Free, choose a packaged plan like Seven or Twenty. You can also pay per DS by choosing the Custom plan.

Price Plans


Start free – no credit card needed.


Users: 1
Subscriptions: 1
Data Sources (DS): 1-6
Smart Alarms: 3
Widgets: 1
Analytics History: 2y
Raw Data: 12 mo.
Public API: Yes
IoT Gateway: n/a

Kronometrix™ SEVEN

For single service – monitor production and test environment.

9 € /mo.

Users: 1
Subscriptions: 2
Data Sources (DS): 7-19
Smart Alarms: 10
Widgets: 2
Analytics History: 5y
Raw Data: 12 mo.
Public API: Yes
IoT Gateway: Yes

Kronometrix™ TWENTY

For small businesses – monitor three services.

29 € /mo.

Users: 5
Subscriptions: 5
Data Sources (DS): 20-49
Smart Alarms: 25
Widgets: 5
Analytics History: 5y
Raw Data: 20 mo.
Public API: Yes
IoT Gateway: Yes

Kronometrix™ CUSTOM

For mass-site configurations – for up to 50 services.

149 € /mo.
+ 0.7€ per DS/mo.

Users: 1 per DS
Subscriptions: 1 per DS
Data Sources (DS): 1+
Smart Alarms: 1 per DS
Widgets: 1 per DS
Analytics History: Unlimited
Raw Data: Varies
Public API: Yes
IoT Gateway: Yes

Feature Descriptions

User – A valid and active Kronometrix user of Kronometrix account. Users have access to data source subscriptions.

Subscriptions – Subscription (Data Source Subscription) is a logical entity that a service developer (or administrator) wants to analyze and monitor. It is a collection of data sources of a certain type having a unique id (SID). For example, one web service and its components.

Data Source (DS) – Data Source (“DS”, “ds”, “data-source”) means any system (virtual or bare-metal), web application, enterprise service, a data logger or sensor connected to a public or private network with a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address, and bound to a single Kronometrix Data Source Subscription. For example: 3 virtual machines are considered 3 data-sources, no matter how many devices and components they have.

Device – The term data-source device (“DEVICE”, “Device”, “device”), is a component which belongs to a data-source, and does not relate or has any relation or association with any IPv4 or IPv6 address. Examples: one or many virtual CPUs or a disk from a database server are considered devices inside Kronometrix. A Kronometrix device can be called in other systems, sensor, probe, component.

Smart Alarms – Predefined logical conditions using a special algorithm, based on sampling the prescribed frequency and duration of trigger events, to eliminate the typical flood of unnecessarily repetitive alarms.

Analytics Data Storage – Analytics Data Storage (ADS) is a fast access storage for transferred and compressed serial data for all data sources. Here are some examples of ADS usage per DS.

Computer Systems

  • Website DS – 60MB per year
  • X509 Certificate DS – 6MB per year
  • Enterprise Service Pool DS – 50MB per year
  • Computer System DS (12 vCPUs, 1 disk, 2 NICs) – 600MB per year

Environmental Systems

  • Air Quality Location DS – 75MB per year
  • Indoor Air Quality House DS – 35MB per year
  • Weather Location DS – 30MB per year

Analytics data availability – This is a theoretical value and is obtained by summing the space for all Data Sources. If you have one DS, you can store X months of serial data in Data Storage. If you have multiple DSs, the space will be allocated to them and the time will be shorter.

Raw Data Retention – Is it possible to extract Raw Data from the system.

Support – Support via email, chat and phone. Normal support is open on weekdays (GMT/UTC+0) between 7:00 – 14:00.

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