We help you measure, analyze and improve the performance and availability of your cloud services.

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System Performance

Measure and analyze the system performance, across all processors, storage and network devices to select the best virtualization or bare-metal setup.


Processor / Core Utilization

Processors are essential key resources to any computer system. Analyzing the overall CPU utilization will help you understand the system activity.


Scaling Issues

Capturing per-processor performance metrics, and checking how efficient processors are shared by applications, will help you identify scalability issues.


Performance Bottlenecks

If the system becomes CPU limited, measuring the wait time and the queue length will let you detect any CPU-related bottlenecks.


Memory Usage

Getting the correct memory performance metrics will help to check if your applications have enough resources to run without errors, to avoid downtime.


Storage Activity

To really understand the storage performance we need to capture the right metrics, from disk utilization, throughput to saturation and errors.


Network Speed

Check the performance of your network, including bandwidth utilization, the throughput and different communication errors.


System Availability

By knowing the total percentage of time your systems are properly functioning, you can improve your service, grow your business and avoid downtime.


Application Performance

Analyze the performance of your web applications, to make sure your services are properly functioning and are available for your customers.


System Inventory

Keep track of any configuration changes, which might affect system performance, like the number of processors, disk types or network interfaces.


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Executive View

Displays computer system utilization and inventory data, no matter if these are bare-metal or virtual machines.

Web sites

Lists the most performant web applications and services you have, using HTTP response time.

Enterprise Services

Reports the performance of different enterprise services, measured at the network (TCP/UDP) level.

Certificate Validation

Checks the validity of all your security certificates.


Displays a real-time performance view of all computer systems.

Health Check

Reports the data feed status of all your systems and applications. The status  can be ONLINE (sending data), DEGRADED (partial sending data) or OFFLINE (not sending data).

Service Availability

Counts the operational availability of your services and computer systems, with support for planned maintenance breaks.

Service Map

Discover all your services, from web applications, enterprise services, security certificates to computer systems.


Displays the system activity, across all processor, storage and network devices.


Reports overall system performance and degradation, over different periods of time.


Displays per-procesor utilization, including the percentage of time spent in different states: SYSTEM, USER or IDLE.


Summarizes system’s virtual memory and swap utilization statistics.


Reports disk activity, in terms of IOPS and MB per second, including details about filesystem space usage and availability.

Network Speed

Understand how efficient your network connectivity is, including the bandwidth utilization, throughput and communication errors.


Reports the availability of the system, or individual devices, like processor, disk or network interfaces.


Check your system configuration, including the software and hardware components used.

Raw Data

Access and download the original raw data, from your systems and applications, available as text files.

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