Usually Java applications are deployed with ad-hoc settings without proper testing, not suitable for production usage. Our service, ensures your applications are properly tuned.

Main Features

Web applications
Middleware and Application Servers
Multimedia and Graphical Applications


Every time your application is changing, you should consider running JVMTune service, in order to ensure the throughput and response time are correct and your application is fast enough for your customers.


System developers, devops and architects are directly interested to know how the Java based applications are functioning and performing over time. Avoid outages, maximise application performance with JVMTune service.

Turbo charge
your applications for performance


We will analyse the JVM heap memory, for all generations, which will be tuned based on the various synthetic load test cases to ensure that the heap footprint is properly set and the application works properly without errors.

A JVM garbage collector will be selected in order to minimise the number of collection activities and ensure the application has a good throughput. We will look and focus on throughput, pause time and GC frequency.

Java Virtual Machine
important to your application

Heap Configuration

Analyse and observe the heap memory usage: Young, Old and Permanent generation sizes using a load generator, like JMeter and record JVM data using jvmrec. Several test cases will be run to select the best heap memory settings for your application.

Garbage Collector

A garbage collector will be selected to maximise performance and ensure application availability. We will analyse the size of your memory allocations inside the JVM and we will test various collectors to maximise throughput, reduce application pauses.

System Footprint

Using Kronometrix Data Recording, we will measure overall system performance when your application is heavily used to observe and check system CPU, memory, storage and network usage and look for possible errors.

Final Report

Includes all important tuning steps and their results followed by the final recommendation. This will be your main application baseline document which will ensure that your application has been properly tested and tuned.

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