Realtime Web

Low latency, responsive applications

Fast and responsive API-driven applications to analyze data from different sources and technologies

Low Latency

API-driven Applications

Real-time data transfer

Supports WebSocket full-duplex communication protocol, for real-time data transfer using standard setting configurations. Applications built using WebSocket protocol, scale and perform better than the traditional HTTP-based applications.

Protocol layering

WebSocket protocol is a very performant and robust data transport protocol for web applications. Layering up to richer business protocols, such as the PUB/SUB interface will offer a lot more flexibility and power to the web responsive applications.

Secure communication

Data must cross many organizations and firewall boundaries across the network. It must be available to any type of computing device from desktop to mobile or embedded devices, using a secure communication.

Low latency

Fast and responsive API calls are important factors for high performance applications and user experience. Kronometrix offers a very modern REST based API interface, fast enough to handle the most demanding applications.

Based on Lua

Using Lua, the most powerful embeddable scripting language, Kronometrix is able to efficiently run on different computer architectures from Intel/AMD x64 to ARM, minimize downtime, and avoid runtime errors during the operation.

Powerful OpenResty

Built on top of a powerful dynamic web development platform, with a small system footprint and a fast and efficient web server, using NGINX and LuaJIT, Kronometrix offers all capabilities needed to run real-time web responsive applications.


Strong Technology

Responsive API

Kronometrix is offering a REST based API with a low latency and fast response time. Internal operations and applications will benefit from these, making Kronometrix suitable for real‑time transaction processing and analytics.

High Performance

Real‑time information is critical to today’s digital experiences. It is all about minimal delay. Using a real-time API, Kronometrix is able to achieve and process data, taking no more than 50ms, and in some cases as low as 30ms.

Rich web applications

All our data visualization and dashboards are developed as rich user-interface based applications, in HTML5, Javascript and Lua built on top of Kronometrix distributed data fabric, suitable for fast data changes.


Real‑time web experiences rely on fast and responsive API connectivity. Kronometrix UI widgets are dashboards components, which can be plugged and used in 3rd parties portals, like PHP, Ruby on rails, or Java.


Built for future edge and fog computing, it is available for ARM64 systems and single-board computers, like Raspberry PI 3 or 4. Running as close as possible to sensors and devices means lower latency and reduced transmission costs.

Intel/AMD x64

Available for cloud and private networks, Kronometrix can run on a variety of Intel or AMD x64 computers systems, from Dell, Lenovo and HP to virtualized environments like: VmWare ESX,  Xen Hypervisor, KVM, Nutanix or HyperV.

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