Check the availability and performance of your digital services as seen by the customers from outside your internal network, measured from different geo-location points.

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Application Response Time

Analyse the performance of web applications, recording HTTP response time, using time to first byte (TTFB) method for single or multiple requests.


Web Response Status

Keeps track of the application HTTP response status, to build and report the operational availability for one or many web requests.


Detailed Application Responsiveness

Response time metrics to describe how fast your applications are, including: HTTP page size, connect and DNS time, protocol time, 1st packet time.


Web location

Reports the geo-location from where Kronometrix is monitoring your web services and applications, supporting Europe, Asia and Americas.


X509 Status

The status of your security certificates is important to understand what services are not properly secured and need immediate attention.


X509 Expiration Time

Keeps track and reports the number of days, your security certificates are valid, before expiring, such way you can manage and renew them in time.


Service Return Time

To have a complete picture how efficient your enterprise services are, Kronometrix will report the service response time recorded at the TCP or UDP level.


Service Status

The service status, active or inactive, describes what services are operational and what else requires maintenance or attention.


Service Location

Kronometrix reports the geo-location from where is monitoring your pool of services, no matter of their configuration, performance or architecture.


Service Inventory

Describes what service or pool of services Kronometrix is monitoring, including details about application type or communication protocol.


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A summary of all web applications performance, listing top slow and fast response time services for 1, 7 and 30 days.


A visual representation, the fastest and slowest web services, using application response time. 


Displays sorted information about webs services performance, for single or multi-request sites, including the protocols, location, status and response time.


Displays sorted information about enterprise services performance, measured at the UDP or TCP level, including service response time,  the protocols, location and status.


Checks and reports all services security certificates validity, with a pre-warning time of 30 days.


Reports the status of all data sources data-feed. A data-source can be ONLINE (sending data), DEGRADED (partial sensing data) or OFFLINE.


Reports the operational availability for a group or all data-sources within subscription. Supports planned maintenance breaks (PMT) and automatically calculates the availability based on that.

Service Map

Displays a map of all services, including web applications, enterprise services, certificates, reporting the interdependencies and the service and response time.


Reports web application status and response time, in ms.  Useful to analyze the performance and availability of one or many web applications. 


Service stat, reports enterprise service return time in ms. Useful to measure the service response on the TCP or UDP level


Reports system operational availability, including total system or sub component availability (CPU storage or network devices)

Raw Data

Offers access to the original raw data collected, as CSV universal text file format, without any modifications, over long periods of time.

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