Computer Performance

Simple to analyze computer system performance, availability and inventory data. Supports a number of configurations from bare metal servers to virtual machines and system containers.

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Overall System Usage

Reports overall system utilization and saturation, across all processors, memory, storage and network devices installed on a bare metal or virtual system.


Processor / Core Utilization

The total and individual processor, core utilization, including internal statistics like USER, SYSTEM, IDLE, IOWAIT, IRQ, NICE time or processor HEADROOM usage.


Scheduling Statistics

How much work has been done on the system in the recent past minute, the past 5 minutes and the distant past 15 minutes in terms of total queue length.


Run-queue length

Another system performance indicator, displaying the sum of the number of processes waiting in the run-queue plus the number currently executing.


Memory Utilization

The general view of system memory utilization. Includes memory used as percentage and real free memory as percentage, and detailed swap utilization of the system.


Storage Throughput

Overall and per disk IO throughput, defined as the number of reads and writes or MB per second. Includes disk space usage for each file system, defined on the system.


Network Utilization

Overall and per network interface throughput, defined as the number of received and transmit packets per second or Mb per second.


Network Errors

For each network interface the inbound or outbound errors, dropped packets, carrier errors, FIFO overruns, number of collisions detected per second.


Number of processes

Displays the total number of applications or workloads running on the system, defined as number of processes or tasks continuously running.


Operational Availability

Reports the total percentage of time the entire system was up and functioning without faults or planned maintenance breaks.


Device Availability

Sub component device availability, displays the percentage of time the component was up and running without faults or planned maintenance breaks.


System Inventory

The software and hardware system inventory: the number of processors, storage and network interfaces, the OS revision, and other system characteristics.


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Kronometrix data visualization dashboards are developed as rich user-interface based applications, for different industries. These are the default, built-in applications for Computer Performance data subscriptions.


Summarizes data from all or a group of data sources, presenting top key performance indicators, to quickly understand instant utilisation and configuration inventory data:

  • Overall system performance
  • Configuration and inventory data
  • The number of alarms and notifications


Top system consumption, listing and reporting the most used systems across the subscription, including processor, storage and network utilization. This is a very useful application for operation management, production go-live events and troubleshooting.


Reports the status of all data sources data-feed. A data-source can be ONLINE (sending data), DEGRADED (partial sensing data) or OFFLINE.


Reports the operational availability for a group or all data-sources within subscription. Supports planned maintenance breaks (PMT) and automatically calculates the availability based on that.


A general view of the system’s CPU and Memory utilization for all data sources within a data subscription. Very simple to detect and spot configuration or system high utilization patterns.

Heatmap Systems

Processor utilization for all data-sources. Simple to detect how many data-sources are responsible for high usage.


Reports overall system utilization and saturation, in terms of processor, memory, storage and network devices combined. Supports drill-down chart analysis. This is a very useful application for operation management, production go-live events and troubleshooting.


Reports overall system utilization and saturation, including system run queue-length and process and tasks capacity.


Displays per-procesor utilization, including the percentage of time spent in different modes: SYSTEM, USER, IDLE


Summarizes system virtual memory and swap utilization. Support drill down and chart analysis.


Reports per storage throughput as IOPS, MB/sec including disk space usage and availability.


Summarizes per-network interface utilization, throughput and errors.


Reports system operational availability, including total system or sub component availability (CPU storage or network devices)


Displays the system inventory including software and hardware modules and components.

Raw Data

Offers access to the original raw data collected, as CSV universal text file format, without any modifications, over long periods of time. Kronometrix will automatically compress all raw data files, to efficient use the storage system for longer periods of time.

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