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Kronometrix is helping our workplaces comply with the environmental regulations by displaying of real time weather parameters.

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Weather conditions
Air Quality

Weather data

Provides right out of the box all the needed weather metrics, the summary statistics, original raw data for analysis, reporting and visualization. Can work with different weather systems and sensors, like Vaisala WXT530 to accurately report weather conditions in various conditions from multiple installation sites.

Air Quality

Air pollution presents a major problem in our modern society. Kronometrix continuously keeps track of key environmental metrics in order to analyze the impact of different activities, like demolition, waste disposal, ecological clean-up contaminated land, in respect to the air quality.

“Kronometrix is helping our workplaces comply with the environmental regulations by displaying real-time weather data – Cristian Alexandru, Administrator”

Ecological revitalization

Sustainable future habitats


We use Kronometrix to display basic weather statistics: wind, air temperature and pressure, humidity, precipitation accumulation and build our own more advanced weather reports from original raw data, if it is required. Kronometrix is helping us to ensure our workplaces comply with different environmental regulations.

Having access to original historical raw data, offers maximum flexibility to build and analyze any weather conditions using our own in house applications. Kronometrix helps us to consolidate and integrate different data from weather to air quality in a simple, and efficient way.

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Present Weather

A real-time UI dashboard, supporting one or many workplaces, displaying the most needed statistics for current weather conditions.

Weather Analysis

Using different statistical functions it is simple to analyze and visualize the most important weather analysis needs, from maximum wind speed and direction, to air temperature, precipitations and humidity variations .

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