Pilvi Cloud

Measure, analyse and manage the performance, availability and security of Pilvi web applications from internal network.

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Virtual Computing Infrastructure
Lighttpd Redis PostgreSQL Glassfish Services
Security X.509 Certificates

Inside the network

Kronometrix is used to keep track of the performance and availability of the ICT infrastructure. Using Kronometrix Data Recording, we collect various performance metrics, from operating systems, web applications and services and transport the results to Kronometrix SaaS for analysis and alarms.

Incident Management

Kronometrix enterprise cloud monitoring service, CloudView, for IaaS, PaaS, or OS computing infrastructure, including incident management is used to keep track of the most critical services used by Pilvi and notify in advance the development and support teams about future possible outages.

“With Kronometrix we have had a much higher level of service. We have received proactive suggestions about avoiding possible future issues in our environments – RIKU SEITTENRANTA, ARCHITECT

Virtual machines
services and web applications


From performance management to operational availability and security Kronometrix will notify for events which really matter and require immediate attention from all production critical systems, using the Smart Alarms system.

Pilvi developers can focus and improve the web applications at the same time relying on the Kronometrix performance measurements and alarming system. Statistical and raw data is available for all team developers.

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Performance Management

Easy to analyse all service performance from a single dashboard, with possibility to drill-down to get even more details and insight.

Operational Availability

Keep track of the system and service availability reporting the uptime, downtime, or planned maintenance events over different periods of time.

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