From general and aviation meteorology to city air quality, Kronometrix is used to measure and analyse weather and environmental conditions.

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Weather conditions
Climatology statistics for airports
City air pollution

Weather data

Provides right out of the box all the needed climate reports, from general to aviation meteorology, including the weather metrics, the summary statistics and the time intervals all needed for analysis and reporting. Can work with different systems like Vaisala AviMet to integrate and report data from multiple airports.

Air Quality

Air pollution presents a major problem in modern society, directly affecting everyone’s health from children to workers, and the elderly, with immediate symptoms or long-term effects. Kronometrix continuously keeps track of key environmental metrics in order to analyse the quality of the indoor or outdoor air.

“For us, it’s instrumental! We have been using it for the last two years and it has done its job in an excellent way” – DARIUS POPA, CEO

Weather stations, airport data,
Indoor and city air quality


We use Kronometrix to support and report basic climatology statistics: wind, temperature, humidity, pressure and precipitation accumulation and build our own more advanced climatology applications to add more features and options, like visibility, cloud coverage, fog frequency.

Starckrom Technologii is building the most innovative and smart solutions for weather and environment, combining different technologies and applications. Several Kronometrix products are used for various tasks from city air quality to general and aviation meteorology, like K50 and K500.

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Aviation Meteorology

Air Traffic Controller view, a simple application to display the most immediate statistics for weather flight conditions.

Basic and Advanced airport climatology data

Basic statistical functions cover the large majority of climatologic computation needs and advanced statistical functions, such as ‘data binning’ are also built in for the purpose of computing the frequency of occurrence of a certain condition (e.g. frequency of visibility below 300m, relative number of days with thunderstorms in the vicinity, etc).

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