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Find out more about Kronometrix pricing model, no matter your type of installation or usage, e.g. on-premises, or as a service.

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Pricing Model

Pay per data-source

A data-source means any system connected to a public or private network with a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address like a database server, a virtual machine running Ubuntu, an industrial data logger, a graphic workstation, or a smart sensor bound to a single Kronometrix data subscription.

Unlimited Devices

A data-source can have one or many sub-components, devices, for example: a computer system, can have one or many CPUs, network cards or storage devices. Kronometrix does not limit or restrict on the number of devices per data-source, offering maximum flexibility.

Unlimited Smart Alarms

Set as many alarms you like. Kronometrix is using an efficient mechanism based on the frequency and duration of the event alarms. Such way the data fabric will keep to minimum the number of false alarms, at the same time being productive to stay up to date to whatever matters most.

Unlimited Users

Collaborate and invite as many users you like to see and analyze your data. There are no restrictions or additional costs related to the number of users invited to one or many data subscriptions. Users can have access to different data-sources, alarms and applications.

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Different options
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Support Options

Select your support plan and SLA for your data-sources. Whether your usage is on-premises or SaaS, Kronometrix contains and offers 1 year standard support. Additional support options are available, from standard to premium support.

8×5 Standard Support

For small to medium companies that require access to software updates as well as help running Kronometrix. Available for all technologies, supports email, phone communication, 10 incident cases and 24 hours SLA.

Software Updates Only

For limited and small budgets, the simplest way to keep Kronometrix up and running. Available for all technologies, offers the possibility for minimal email support and access to all software updates without any SLA.

24×7 Premium Support

For companies that need fast support response time, reliable and dedicated communication lines, 24×7. Available for all industries, supports email, phone, video chat communication, 100 incident cases and 6 hours SLA.

Multiple Installations

On-premises version can be installed and deployed up to three separate installations to offer flexibility for different scenarios and business cases. For example you can install Kronometrix on your network, for PROD, QA and TEST usage, if required.

Source Code

No third parties involved, Kronometrix on-premises is completely owned by you, for your industry, business usage and volume of data. Includes access to the product source code, from data recording to the analytics and transport utilities.

Edge/Fog Computing

Built for future edge and fog computing, it is available for ARM64 systems and single-board computers, like Raspberry PI 3 or 4. Running as close as possible to sensors and devices means lower latency and reduced transmission costs.

Easy Management

For companies running their business on cloud, Kronometrix SaaS is the simplest and easiest solution to run and operate. Nothing to install, setup and configure, ready in minutes from data provisioning to visualization and alarms.

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