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Kronometrix BreatheWell Advanced Package

Let us know your type of building and usage to help you get the best configuration and price for your setup. Find out how much does it cost Kronometrix BreatheWell Basic for your setup.

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Home Owners

For home owners, which want to know the indoor air quality conditions. Includes ready configurations for up to 5 wired based sensors and one Internet Gateway.

Simple Package

Simple to connect to one or many sensors, manufactured by well established companies in the field of environmental monitoring.

Wired Based

The solution requires one or many Tongdy MSD-1618 wired based sensors and a Raspberry PI computer, as an Internet Gateway. The sensors will connect to the gateway.

The Equipment

If you dont have any IAQ sensors, you can purchase yourself the equipment or we can offer you a ready solution including all needed sensors and the gateway.


Every minute, the system will capture, analyze and visualize the following IAQ parameters: Temperature, Relative Humidity, TVOC, CO2, PM2.5 and PM10.

Data Visualization & Alarms

You will have access to one Kronometrix data subscription, to check realtime indoor air quality data, download the original raw data and possibility to set any alarms you want.

Please let us know your contact information and business usage to select the best configuration and price for your setup. After you have submitted your information, we will review and shortly contact you with a final quote. Thank you.

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    IAQ Equipment

    Supports Tongdy MSD family of sensors. The Internet Gateway requires one Raspberry PI 3B/4B single-board computer. If you dont have any IAQ equipment or the Internet Gateway we can help you purchase all equipment directly from vendor or from our company. We will contact you about the sensor and delivery costs. You will own the equipment.

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