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Kronometrix CloudView Service

Let us know your business usage and services to help you get the best configuration and price for your setup. Find out how much does it cost Kronometrix CloudView for your business.

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Service Providers

We help you to measure, analyze and report the performance and availability of your services, including operating systems, enterprise services, applications and digital security certificates.

Solution Providers

Get the right data from your systems and applications, to better understand their performance and availability and continuously improve your solution for your customers.

Software Vendors

Find out if you use the right cloud instance or whether your internal ICT infrastructure is properly configured, highly available and fast enough for your applications and customers.

Media & Communication

Check the efficiency of your digital services as seen by your own customers from outside your internal network, to help avoid service outage and ensure service availability and performance.

Data-Center Providers

We help your team to manage and support your business and mission critical applications and services, to improve service availability, security and performance for your customers.

Telecommunication Providers

We keep your customer services up and running. In case of a failure, we will quickly react and restart the faulty component to restore the service and avoid outage.

Please let us know your contact information and business usage to select the best configuration and price for your setup. After you have submitted your information, we will review and shortly contact you with a final quote. Thank you.

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    Please list what type of cloud instances and how many are you interested to measure and manage

    Enterprise Services

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