For ICT, Industrial IoT, Weather & Environment

Kronometrix distributed data fabric it is available for ICT infrastructure and IoT data providers, edge and fog computing, developed entirely on open systems and standards.

One Data Fabric,

Different Technologies

Edge & Fog Computing

Designed to run as close as possible to different sensors and industrial equipment with lower latency and reduced transmission costs, secure at the location where it is needed.

Data Providers

For Industrial IoT, ICT, weather or environment data providers and agencies includes all necessarily metrics and summary statistics required for analysis and visualization.


Available as a bootable image for X64 or ARM64 systems, has all components integrated and ready for work: operating system, in-memory database and the web framework.


Built for privacy, no third parties involved, access to source code makes Kronometrix the best platform to consolidate and analyse all your IoT, ICT, weather or environment data.


Real-time digital


Industrial Databus

Designed for IoT providers, it connects to various sensors and devices using MQTT, TCP/UDP to stream data and send it to Kronometrix Data Fabric for analysis.

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Open-source software

A complete software stack, including mature and powerful open-source technologies, like Lua, OpenResty and Redis with no complicated licensing model and rights to use, no extra dependencies and hidden costs.

Software Developers

Measure, analyse and improve your web applications using Kronometrix. From data recording to analytics we help software developers to look, discover and focus on whatever matters the most to make better software products and services.

Home and Building Owners

Indoor air pollution presents a major hazard, directly affecting everyone’s health. Our products and services help you understand the indoor air quality and how well the heating, ventilation and air conditioning  systems are performing.

Weather & Environment agencies

In our complex and rapidly changing modern society, we need to know the weather conditions, the level of air pollution and decide what is acceptable to us. Kronometrix helps to understand, set the correct expectations and and act accordingly.

IoT Gateway

Data Fabric

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