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Check out the latest news about Kronometrix data fabric, from data recorders to analytics and visualization.

Capture the right data with Kronometrix Data Recording 2578 1906 KRONOMETRIX

Capture the right data with Kronometrix Data Recording

Ready packages to capture the right performance metrics from your systems and applications Kronometrix Data Recording is an automatic data collection package for IoT, enterprise ICT, web applications, weather and environmental devices. Available as an open source project, for many computer systems, the data recorders can be used to capture the right performance metrics from…

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Prevent Silent Data Corruption 1584 1224 KRONOMETRIX

Prevent Silent Data Corruption

Storage capacities have increased substantially, but their error rates remain unchanged and high Companies are storing and placing their data on different networks, like cloud storage providers or private, on-premises systems and devices totally unaware of the real danger of silent data corruption – “undetected data corruption, also known as silent data corruption, results in the most…

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Kronometrix CloudView Managed Service 17280 11520 KRONOMETRIX

Kronometrix CloudView Managed Service

Find out if your applications and services are properly configured and optimised for your business and customers A lot of organizations are spending considerable time and energy, to detect and correct improper service configurations, which have a direct impact to the main operation and functionality, as poor performance or outages. These activities, many times, continue…

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SNMP Data Recorder 1243 880 KRONOMETRIX

SNMP Data Recorder

It is simple now to capture SNMP data! Kronometrix Data Recording can work with various systems, applications, or devices using one or many data communication protocols, like MODBUS, HTTP, TCP or UDP. During this autumn, we have added support for SNMP devices, implementing a new data recorder, called snmprec. Based on a modern and scalable interface, the new recorder is…

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