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Avoid Certificate Expiration 960 641 KRONOMETRIX

Avoid Certificate Expiration

Find out how Kronometrix can keep track of your security certificate settings and prevent a data breach Are your services and applications properly configured and secure for your business and customers? When more and more companies and services are starting to automate the renewal process of the security certificates, using providers like, Let’s Encrypt it is more…

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Ecological Revitalization 1991 987 KRONOMETRIX

Ecological Revitalization

See how Pikanore is using Kronometrix to build sustainable solutions for a clean environment Weather and environment are essential core components of Kronometrix data fabric. From data messages, summary statistics to UI dashboards and raw data, Kronometrix provides a complete solution to capture, analyze and visualize real-time data, regarding: present weather conditions city air pollution building…

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Sysrec Data Recorder 960 720 KRONOMETRIX

Sysrec Data Recorder

Computer system performance data recorder Kronometrix Data Recording, is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package. It has a small memory and system footprint, available for ICT enterprise and industrial IoT.sysrec, the main ICT data recorder, reports computer system performance, including the most important metrics from several operating systems, like: RedHat, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows or…

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Kronometrix Scalable Design 960 540 KRONOMETRIX

Kronometrix Scalable Design

For Future DatacentresClouds and Edge Computing Kronometrix is a distributed data fabric that is capable to receive and process many types of data messages from different data sources, everything from ICT and IoT to weather and environmental equipment. It runs on a variety of 64bit computer systems, from Intel/AMD x64 to ARM single-board computers, like…

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