Information Technology

Measure and analyse ICT infrastructure, from operating, networking and storage systems, to web applications and Internet services in terms of performance, availability and security.

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Operating Systems
Network and Storage
Applications and Internet Services
Security and Inventory

Defend your business

Security and inventory data combined with different business related metrics, all consolidated on a central repository, are important to define your defensive strategy, how you should protect and keep running your business now and in the future.

Continuous improvements

Kronometrix is offering access to several performance metrics: utilization, throughput or response time of your ICT infrastructure, web applications and services, important to define your business performance baseline for continuous improvements.

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Easy to be deployed in a private network, data-centre or on a public cloud provider, Kronometrix is a very simple and time saving solution to measure and analyse your ICT infrastructure, consolidating your data from different sources.

Carefully selected metrics and summary statistics are ready to be used for different cases. Kronometrix built-in applications are simple to use for operational management, troubleshooting, production go-live events or software development.

Software Development &
Infrastructure Providers

System Performance

Measure, analyse and visualise computer system performance, operational availability, keeping track of the inventory data. Using Kronometrix Computer Performance subscription you can manage different systems from bare metal servers to virtual machines and containers.

  • Overall system throughput, utilisation and availability
  • Run-queue length, saturation and errors
  • Individual CPU, memory, storage, network performance and availability

Web stack applications

Analyse application performance, using TTFB method, the uptime, measuring all components involved: the application, HTTP and middleware servers, database and the operating system. Designed for web stack applications like LAMP, J2EE or Rails using Kronometrix Web Performance data subscription.

  • Web application response time, uptime and errors
  • HTTP, middleware, database utilisation and throughput
  • Uptime and stack traces, thread dumps and errors

End-user Service Performance

Measure how are your web and internet enterprise services performing outside your network, in terms of performance and availability, from different geo-location points in Europe, Asia or the Americas. Keep track of services like: POP3, IMAP, SMTP and security certificates using End-User Performance subscription.

  • web sites response time, availability and errors
  • enterprise services performance and availability
  • X.509 certificates availability and expiration time

For web services response time, TTFB method is used.

Application Service Providers

For application and service providers, Kronometrix is offering Service Performance Data subscription to measure the performance, security and availability of different web applications inside your organisation. Includes data from the operating system, network and storage to the applications.

  • Web application response time, availability and errors
  • Enterprise services performance and availability
  • OS, network and storage performance and availability

Data-Centre Providers

Kronometrix can analyse your computer systems, services, network performance, availability and inventory changes and facility utilities. It can understand your planned maintenance breaks, keeping track of the operational availability, using Data-Centre Performance subscription.

  • OS, storage, network utilisation, availability and errors
  • Enterprise services performance and availability
  • X.509 certificates availability and expiration time
  • Facility, HVAC, UPS, environmental condition

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