Ecological Revitalization

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See how Pikanore is using Kronometrix to build sustainable solutions for a clean environment

Weather and environment are essential core components of Kronometrix data fabric. From data messages, summary statistics to UI dashboards and raw data, Kronometrix provides a complete solution to capture, analyze and visualize real-time data, regarding:

  • present weather conditions
  • city air pollution
  • building indoor air quality

Ecological Revitalization

Pikanore Ltd. has selected Kronometrix Analytics to provide continuous weather and environment measurements from their workplaces.

Revitalizing properties for ecological purposes refers to the process of cleaning-up and returning contaminated land to a state that supports functioning and sustainable habitat. This is a very important mission to protect human health and the environment. 

Different technical activities, like excavation and earthmoving equipment can significantly disrupt existing habitat during cleanup. Measuring the impact of these activities is essential to ensure normal functioning of the clean-up process and alignment with current rules and environment regulations.

How does it help?

Kronometrix collects data from different weather equipments, reporting current weather conditions around different workplaces: wind speed and direction, air temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation accumulation and offers access to the original raw data to build different other weather reports, if required. Having access to original historical raw data, offers maximum flexibility to build and analyze any weather conditions using our own in house applications. Kronometrix helps us to consolidate and integrate different data from weather to air quality in a simple, and efficient way.

Such way, Kronometrix is helping Pikanore to ensure all their workplaces comply with the current environmental regulations and their clean-up operations do not harm the environment.

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City Air Pollution

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Air pollution presents a major problem in modern society, directly affecting everyone’s health

Air pollution presents a major problem in modern society, directly affecting everyone’s health from children to workers, and the elderly, with immediate symptoms or long-term effects. To combat these problems we need to know the air quality in and around our homes, offices, or the city’s environment. If we  don’t measure it, we can’t know it. Kronometrix continuously keeps track of key environmental metrics in order to analyse the quality of the  outdoor air: from carbon dioxide, air temperature, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds, organic or inorganic particulates to gaseous pollutants: ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and others.

Kronometrix Data Fabric offers support to measure and analyses data in real-time from different sensors and devices,  reporting:

  • Air temperature and pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and direction
  • NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide
  • CO – Carbon monoxide
  • SO2 – Sulfur dioxide
  • O3 – Ozone
  • TVOC – Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  • PM2.5 – Particulate matter 2.5 microns
  • PM10 – Particulate matter 10 microns
  • count of vehicles moving on the monitored lanes
  • statistics about vehicles classification
  • estimations of vehicles speed and length

Air quality, weather and road traffic conditions, are essential factors to analyze city air pollution

In our complex and rapidly changing modern society, we  need to decide what level of pollution is acceptable to us and act accordingly. Kronometrix helps to understand these and set the correct expectations. Please contact us for more information about our air quality solution for cities.

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