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Check out the latest news about Kronometrix data fabric, from data recorders to analytics and visualization.

Industrial IoT Data Recorder 1243 880 Kronometrix

Industrial IoT Data Recorder

rs485rec – the industrial data recorder Kronometrix Data Recording is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package with a low memory and system footprint, supporting raw data. It’s available for ICT enterprise, industrial IoT, weather and environment, offering a number of data recorders. The recorders are designed to fetch data from any system, device, sensor…

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Aviation Meteorology 960 640 Kronometrix

Aviation Meteorology

Increased precipitation, extreme weather and changing wind conditions are main challenges for air navigation Kronometrix provides right out of the box all the needed climate reports, updating them as new data streams in. Working as a web application it provides multi-subscription, multi-user, role-based secured access control for your climatology data. Ready for work Kronometrix supports…

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Tuning Java Virtual Machine 3000 2250 Kronometrix

Tuning Java Virtual Machine

Usually Java applications are deployed with default settings not suitable for production usage JVMTune is a specialised performance analysis and observability service for Java based applications, focused to the Java Virtual Machine configuration: the heap memory usage, the garbage collection statistics and the overall system memory footprint. In general Java based applications are deployed with default…

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