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July 2018

Industrial IoT Data Recorder

Industrial IoT Data Recorder 1243 880 KRONOMETRIX

rs485rec – the industrial data recorder

Kronometrix Data Recording is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package with a low memory and system footprint, supporting raw data. It’s available for ICT enterprise, industrial IoT, weather and environment, offering a number of data recorders. The recorders are designed to fetch data from any system, device, sensor or application using different protocols and store it on raw data file.

Kronometrix industrial data recorder, does support a number of data protocols, like: MODBUS RTU/ASCII/TCP, SERIAL ASCII-POLLED to connect to a wide range of devices and sensors and capture data. The recorder can automatically generate one or many data messages based on its configuration. It can used for various jobs, from fetching data from weather or environmental sensors to HVAC or different other equipment powered by MODBUS.

MODBUS – de facto standard for multi-vendor integration, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial environment

Developed in Perl5 programming language, rs485rec, is simple to use for both rapid prototyping and large scale development projects. It has a small footprint, conservative in CPU and memory usage on x64 or ARM64 it is highly customisable via a JSON based configuration, and it is open source software easy to embed to other projects, if needed.

We have been testing and capturing data using rs485rec from the following devices and systems:

  • Vaisala AQT420 air quality
  • Vaisala QML201 data logger
  • Vaisala HMP155 humidity and temperature sensors
  • Vaisala weather transmitter WXT5xx
  • Tongdy MSD1618 advanced indoor air quality
  • Tongdy G01 indoor air quality
  • Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS

We are continuously working to add and test new hardware for rs485rec data recorder, extending the number of supported hardware configurations for different business and applications.

If you are interested to use Kronometrix Data Recording and rs485rec please let us know.

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