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December 2022

Kronometrix Data Recording Update

Kronometrix Data Recording Update 1864 1424 KRONOMETRIX

Kronometrix Data Recording
version 1.20

December 2022

Kronometrix Data Recording is an automatic data collection package for ICT enterprise, industrial IoT, weather and environmental devices. To simplify how to get started we have created several packages, free of charge, which can be used to capture and transport data for analysis.

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Version 1.20

We are working to release a new update for Kronometrix Data Recording which will include the following new features:

sockrec – The network IO Socket Data Recorder Improvements

New features and capabilities to receive data from various sensors and devices, like Vaisala WXT weather transmitters:

  • capability to filter incoming data using a JSON configuration
  • discard invalid or bogus not allowed data
  • reprocess data if there are transmission errors
Raspberry Pi fixes
  • inventory data fixes: number of cores and the processor type
  • corrections to fix invalid device name for certain USB disks, microSD cards
Storage data recorder bug fixes
  • fixes for CloudLinux operating system
Support for new IAQ sensors
  • Siemens QPA2052
  • Honeywell C7355A, C7355B
  • Schneider Electric SLXRHS1N
Security Updates
  • Expat 2.5.0 update
  • CPAN Dec 2022 update
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1s has been already fixed in 1.19.1 November 2022 release

Download you package based on your configuration and industry, from operating systems to industrial IoT installations. For 24×7 contracts you will automatically receive 1.20 after release.

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