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December 2021

Kronometrix Data Recording Capabilities

Kronometrix Data Recording Capabilities 960 619 KRONOMETRIX

A complete solution to capture the right data for your business!

Kronometrix Data Fabric offers a complete solution to capture correct performance data from various systems, devices or applications, using the following options:

Data Recorders

A simple and efficient set of data recorders, built as an open-source software, which can help to capture data from computer systems, web applications, Internet or enterprise services.

How does it help?

Kronometrix data recorders can easily deploy to bare-metal or virtual computer systems, offering immediate access to the original raw data. The recorders are available as a software package for different operating systems, designed for:

  • software developers, ISVs and companies which require immediate access to their application’s performance data
  • IaaS or SaaS companies which are running their business on cloud, to help to capture and transport data from different providers for consolidation and analysis
  • banking and financial institutions, security agencies which require full transparency and control to the data recording process (to understand what parameters are being collected, where and how are stored)

The data recorders have a small, configurable runtime system, without complicated licenses and rights to use. By default the data recording package includes many data recorders, designed to collect data from ICT enterprise to industrial equipment. Main features:

  • Support for raw data
  • Industrial IoT readiness
  • Service to Cloud communication
  • Conservative in CPU and memory usage on different architectures
  • Easy to change or add new data recorders to collect new data
  • Runs without human intervention
  • Easy to detect data transmission problems
  • Community Support

Please check here, for a complete list of the main features.

Getting started

Kronometrix data recorders are free, open-source software. You can download, modify or build your own products on top of it. To get support, join our free, unlimited development Discord server. If you still have questions or want to find out more about Kronometrix data recorders, please visit our project or contact us.

IoT Gateway

Kronometrix Iot Gateway is is a ready solution for enabling device -to-device or device-to-cloud communication, available as s a software image for single-board computer, like Raspberry Pi. The image contains all needed components, from operating system to data recorders and transport utilities.

How does it help?

Kronometrix IoT Gateway is ready to deploy, closer to sensors and devices for edge and fog computing, offering support for:

  • IoT solution providers, to capture various data and simplify the transport to cloud functionality
  • software developers, ISVs and companies which work with various sensors and devices and require to connect, capture and process real-time data for analysis
  • building facility owners to easy the process of capturing various smart building data, like indoor air quality, ventilation or energy consumption
  • different solution providers, to enhance and bring new functionality to their own product and services, by offering data recording and transport capabilities
  • Real-time data collection from various devices
  • Support for ARM64 SBC like Raspberry PI 3B/3B+
  • Device to device communication
  • Device to cloud communication
  • Data caching, buffering and transport capabilities
  • Rich connectivity: USB, MODBUS, SNMP, SERIAL
  • Data filtering capabilities
  • Support for original, raw data
  • Remote management options
  • Support for legacy or non-internet connected systems
  • Commercial support 8×5 or 24×7 including SLA
Get access

Kronometrix IoT Gateway is a commercial product, available to purchase for single-board computers, like Raspberry PI, including commercial support and different SLA options.

More information

Find out more about our data recorders or Kronometrix IoT Gateway. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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